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Samuel Gipp - The LXX is nothing more than a figment of someones imagination. Vaticanus was found stuffed in the Vatican library where it had been for 1500 years. That was part of the reason it was found to be in such condition because of lack of use.There are absolutely NO manuscripts pre-dating the third century A. to validate the claim that Jesus or Paul quoted a Greek Old Testament. Only about 50 of the 5250 ancient Greek Text portions of ancient manuscripts are Alexandrian.If the reader desires more in depth information concerning Bible issues, manuscript evidence, and the integrity of the King James Version, the following books are recommended. We should also know about Origen's top student, Eusebius, who was Constantine's court theologian. Ruckman, THE CHRISTIAN'S HANDBOOK OF MANUSCRIPT EVIDENCE. The principle Alexandrian texts are spurious at best, Satanic perversions at worst.ALL of the Septuagint manuscripts cited in its concordance were written after A. The fable of the Septuagint arose from the counterfeit and obvious hoax letter intended to deceive, of pseudo-Aristeas. In the Introduction, the party line of the Alexandrian Cult is laid out as neatly as a tiled floor. Antioch is also the name of the text stream that you can trust thatis NOT corrupt.

NIV New Testament and Old Testament quotes may match occasionally because they were both penned by the same hand, Eusebius/Origen. Of course those corrupt texts disagree with the Majority texts.

That particular antinomian heresy is often credited to Origen.

Origen taught that souls pre- existed, and that they are engaged in a process, the outcome of which will be such that even the Devil will be saved.

Quotations by Jesus or Paul in new versions New Testaments may match readings in the so-called Septuagint, because new versions are from the exact same corrupt fourth and fifth century A. Eusebius/Origen manuscripts which underlie the document sold today and called the Septuagint. Yes, brethren, catch this FACT, less than one percent (1%) of all existing ancient Greek texts are Alexandrian.

These manuscripts are Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, and Sinaiticus. The Alexandrian texts, in just the gospels, DISAGREE within themselves almost 3000 times.

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