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Some girls from the country are “mestizas” they are dubbed as “tisay.” A number of Filipinas admit that they want to have fair skin because in the country, the fairer your skin is, the more beautiful you are.However, although Filipinas have brown complexion naturally, there are already a number of women with fair skin due to the mixture of races.However, some are endowed with medium brown eyes or light brown.Majority of them have nose with low bridges and rounded tip which many interpreted as flat and big.However, there are also those who have an aquiline nose.Most of them have slender figure with average height.However, after a year, a Filipina who is confidently beautiful with a heart, in the person of Wurtzbach has finally won back the crown after over four decades.Name it all, Philippines have a crown for every major beauty pageant.

When you visit the Philippines, most girls are petite with long straight or wavy hair.

They completed the Big Four titles of Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World in 2013.

For Miss World, the Filipinas struggle to win the crown but they still did and earned their first crown after 47 years of joining the pageant when Megan Lynne Young bagged the title in 2013.

First, in 1969 with Gloria Maria Diaz and in 1973 with Maria Margarita Moran.

For five consecutive years prior to Wurtzbach’s win, the Philippine Miss Universe are close to winning the crown.

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