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Jo Anne Van Tilburg, UCLA Project Director Cristián Arévalo Pakarati/ Rapa Nui Project Co-director José Miguel Ramírez A., Universidad de Valparaiso, Co-investigator Introduction This report is prepared as part of a numbered series that describes the excavations conducted by the Easter Island Statue Project in Rano Raraku Quarry Zone, Interior Region, Quarry 02, Statues RR-001-156 and RR-001-157.

The team is composed of an all-Rapanui excavation staff directed by the project Co-directors.

Isidore of Seville, Rabanus Maurus etc., entitled "De Etymologiis" or "De Universo" might also be considered to be summaries of theology and philosophy.

The most recent object entered into our collaborative on-line database (DATASHARE) is a red stone torso submitted by Enrique Tucki M.Other botanical analyses were carried out successfully with very interesting results.We are now collating these findings in collaboration with soils micromorphologist Sarah Sherwood and geologist Richad K. Alice Hom and the EISP staff keep us on track with all of these data and Alice is hard at work completing our cartographic projects.So, as you can see, we have not been sipping Margaritas on the beach at Anakena….oh, wait….actually, in February, 2017 we had the pleasure of sharing our project with Jimmy Buffet and his party!We are grateful to the Easter Island Statue Project August 12- 31, 2014 Dr.

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