Klarna online sexual predators

Despite all of that, the floodgates didn’t open until the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

Two major exposés took down the disgraced film mogul for allegations that range from harassment, assault, to rape that spanned decades.

“There were no protocols or proven methods of evidence-gathering when cellphones were involved in exploiting children.

I knew I had a mobile application platform that could be modified and I took the idea to my tech team.

Last week, these controversies made their way from Hollywood to Capitol Hill.

It was discovered that Congress had a secret slush fund for almost 20 years that shelled out over million for sexual harassment and discrimination settlements.

It’s not a huge shocker since many in that company shielded Roger Ailes for years before he was ousted in 2016 for his own harassment.

While Fox News was able to do damage control and hold onto its rating dominance, its reputation was obviously bruised as this whole ordeal was embarrassing for them.

In the end, we should be asking ourselves the following; Where’s the accountability?

There were clearly many elements to this story that were disturbing, but one that often is forgotten about is how The Weinstein Company essentially allowed such sexual harassment to take place because his contract required him to personally pay his own settlements and that its board of directors knew about his disgusting behavior for years.

We’ve heard time and time again with others from Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, and Louis C. that their predatory behaviors were “open secrets.” So how on earth did they all get to keep their jobs for so long?

Such scrutiny could be aimed at Charlie Rose’s employers CBS and PBS since his allegations date back to the ’90s and his career in journalism was nearly half a century old.

If none of their employers knew about these allegations, how did they not know?

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