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In addition to all this we are also working on brand new displays in the main hall at the museum two weeks ago and in the museum section, you will be able to see pictures and research notes on many of the drums in the collection.This is a work in progress because there is a lot of information yet to go on the website and the man hours involved with adding all this information is staggering.Know what you want and stick to it; don't make up the rules as you go along. An immediate challenge will simply be keeping track of your conversations and who you told what.Open dating requires a good memory and attention to detail.Also, vintage drum guru and Leedy drum nut The last piece included here only helps to solidify the already solid and undeniable provenance of these drums and that is the hat that you see sitting on top of the drums in the pictures.The hat was After talking with the Sousa Archives and Museum, the Marine Corps Band and a few other museums that have Sousa exhibits, the only other drum that I have been able to locate on display at a museum that was used with John Philip Sousa is the Tom Mills drum, on display at the It gives me a great sense of pride to know that the museum has such a unique and rare piece of history that can’t be seen anywhere else.What is even more interesting is the fact that my crush, who is a girl, is playing the field.

Just be sure you've developed a game plan before stepping up to bat. By "dating" do you mean dinner, a movie, and a chaste good night kiss? How forthcoming will you be with your dates if they ask if you're seeing anyone?

You have to remember which date has the parakeet, which hates seafood, and which one you already told your funniest stories to.

Invest in a calendar with wide margins for your notes on your favorite players. When passion heats up, how will you deal with the issue of sex? Ideally, in the bottom of the ninth, one player will become a clear stand-out.

His book is out of print so Rob was kind enough to take his copy off the shelf and take a picture of the page with Goulden and his drum set and in this picture it is just him, without the band and the smaller white snare is visible.

was with me at the museum when I had the bass drum and snare drum off the shelf early on and Marc was the one that flipped the drum over in the wooden cradle it was sitting in and found the three wing nuts attached to the shell and figured out the snare drum mounted to the bass drum.

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