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it mainly states the main reason for involvement is to prevent any attacks on the south(Truman).

Conflicts mentioned in another primary source are due to the soviet army , doing everything possible to spread communism into other country’s and regions, specifically Korea despite objections of the people.

To this day still remains a DMZ splitting the tension of communism and democracy between the south and north and holds importance not only in history of the war but is still in use today with contemporary conflicts between the country’s.

there have been many other demilitarized zones in the history of our nation or even the history of our world but none have carried as much history and importance in the modern era we live in today.

This image shows North Korean troops being captured by U. soldiers and being pushed back across the 38th parallel.

Soldiers so young they most likely don’t understand the reasons they are fighting just continuing to fallow directions from the north Korean military.

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many groups of refugees were gunned down during this time sometimes in groups as large as 25 people.Tension in Korea grew after the united states agreed the soviet union could occupy north Korea as far as the 38th parallel.that caused Korea to be split, the north half being communist and south half that wasn’t.Tensions rose and north Korea invaded south Korea on June 25 1950.South Korea which were less advanced and had a major disadvantage, were not war ready.

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