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The network aired complete shows from various years five days per week from 1993 until 1996.Then Trio (owned by NBC) picked up reruns and showed them from 2002 until the channel went off the air in 2005.His guests were Jason Alexander and Mimi Rogers, and the audition took place on the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.O'Brien's Late Night was rushed into production and debuted on September 13, 1993, with Andy Richter as O'Brien's sidekick.No DVD release is currently scheduled (Good Times went bankrupt in 2005).A total of 1,819 shows were broadcast during its eleven and a half year run (an episode on January 16, 1991 went unaired due to pre-emption for coverage the beginning of the Gulf War; the program had already been shot before word came out of Baghdad that United States airstrikes were beginning).The premiere episode featured John Goodman (who received a "First Guest" medal for his appearance), Drew Barrymore, and Tony Randall.The episode featured a cold open of O'Brien's walk to the studio with constant reminders that he was expected to live up to Letterman, parodying a popular sentiment expressed in the media at the time.

NBC later claimed that Letterman's high ratings for Late Night was the reason it kept Letterman where he was.

The crowd for the first show mainly consisted of family members of the crew of the show so as to ensure a positive reception.

He was reportedly on the brink of being fired at least once in this period, but NBC had no one to replace him.

Peter Ustinov was a guest on the one-shot "360-degree" episode, during which the show's image gradually rotated 360 degrees during the course of an hour.

Upon Johnny Carson's retirement from The Tonight Show in 1992, executives at NBC announced that Carson's "permanent guest host" Jay Leno would take over Tonight, and not David Letterman.

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